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We are excited that you are interested in enrolling your child at Smarty Pants!


To help you with your decision, please take the time to read the SMARTY PANTS HANDBOOK thoroughly!

Please read through the entire handbook, which includes our policies and procedures. It is a valuable reference book to help you and your family understand our policies, processes, and procedures.  

Also included, is information to help you manage the lives of your children and answer questions that may arise during the school year.  The handbook is designed to help us create a safe and healthy environment for the students, as well as helping to ensure a smooth transition into the new school year.  

MSDE requires that all families who have children enrolled, read this handbook in its entirety before the start of school.


When you enroll in the program, you agree to abide by ALL policies and procedures listed in the Smarty Pants Handbook. 

You will be asked to sign a document that states you have read and understand the policies and procedures listed in this handbook.


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