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Smarty Pants is a small preschool dedicated to providing the best learning environment for the social, emotional and academic development of all children. Each child's individual abilities and interests are given free expression so that education is a natural development of their life. Smarty Pants has been designed to encourage children to explore his/her interests in a creative, artistic and multi-age setting. Certified with the State of Maryland, trained in the Maryland Model for School Readiness and Early Identification Initiative, Cultural and Linguistic Competence and members of NAFCC, NAEYC and other organizations, we strive to provide the best environment for children, staff and families.


Our teachers are registered with MSDE and receive more education and child related training than the State requires. We require that all of our teachers hold CPR and First Aid certification and receive at least 12 clock hours of Early Childhood Education classes (yearly) and pass a criminal background investigation (State and FBI).


Our daily schedule is consistent, structured and offers child directed decision making. The parent/guardian may enroll child in as many days as is suitable for THAT child. Our class size is small to offer more one-on-one time with children in a beautiful classroom setting. Outside time is spent in our large country setting including; playground, fields, black top area, nature trail and outdoor classroom!


We believe in giving each family the individual and excellent care needed in growing a successful child and we look forward to building a future with your family.  We strive to understand the individual needs of all children; value and appreciate individual differences; assist in providing experiences that build skills and confidence; understand, utilize, and share community resources; provide equal opportunities and rights for all; and build partnerships through collaboration. 


We are located in the greater Urbana area (Ijamsville) of southern Frederick County, Maryland. 



The care and education of your child is a cooperative effort between your family and Smarty Pants.  I encourage you, the parent/guardian, to review this handbook carefully since it states the program expectations and requirements.  


As professional educators, we will make every effort to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your child. All aspects of the learning environment will be aimed toward the physical, emotional and cognitive development of your child based on your child's needs.


                          -Shannon McKenzie



SMARTY PANTS is a small learning environment where children learn at their own pace in multi-age classroom. It is located in a beautiful, country setting.  Smarty Pants offers an extended day preschool program (9am-3pm) for ages 2-5 years old.  We use a hands-on, multi-sensory, integrated approach in which the children learn through discovery and exploration of the world around them. Our curriculum is child-centered, multi-age teaching, designed to work with each individual's natural developmental growth.  Children are provided with opportunities to interact with their peers in a developmentally appropriate environment welcoming of children of all abilities that offers a balance of child initiated and teacher directed activities reflecting the interests of the children, their primary language, and cultural background.


At Smarty Pants, we feel that each child's unique qualities should be nurtured. We view each child as an individual with needs and abilities that differ from other children. Every child has his/her own learning styles, special talents and unique gifts. Children of all abilities are accepted and families interested in having their child attend the program will be given an equal opportunity for admission.  


Early childhood educators at Smarty Pants use developmentally appropriate practices and consider the unique needs of all children when planning. Staff will make every attempt to make any adaptations or modifications necessary to meet the needs of the children.  Schedules, routines and activities are flexible and early childhood educators will work with therapists, special educators and other professionals to integrate individual accommodations, modifications and strategies into classroom routines and activities. Any adaptations will be reviewed with families and other professionals supporting the child. We individualize instruction to address each child's special qualities with a basic guideline to prepare them for KINDERGARTEN!


At Smarty Pants we:

  • Give children the opportunity to explore the world around them

  • Provide children with classroom materials designed to strengthen fine and gross motor, language, pre-math, music, art and social skill

  • Encourage independence

  • Nurture each child's natural curiosity and enthusiasm

  • Help children develop respect and acceptance of self and others

  • Keep alive in children the imagination and sense of wonder that is the source of creativity and innovation 

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