• If someone other than a parent/guardian will be picking up your child, the parent or guardian must call before pick-up.

  • All parents and children arrive through the back door of the schoolhouse.  That is the door that faces the playground.

  • Please place the child's lunch in the "lunch basket" at drop off.

  • Please inform us with a note or phone call if someone other than those you have originally authorized will be picking up your child.

  • The authorized person must be over 18 years of age and may be asked to present a photo ID.

  • Please remember that your child must be signed in and out each day.



DROP OFF:  8:50 – 9:00


PICK UP:  2:50- 3:00


Please do your best to adhere to these times.  Our staff has important places to be after work and lots of preparation to do before the students arrive.  This time without students is a very critical part of our planning and preparation time.



We have a drop off loop.  To drop your child off at the playground in person, you will need to park in designated areas.


To drop off in the “loop” please follow directions, attached!

  • Follow yellow arrows for “LOOP” drop off.

  • Stop and let child out at RED square area.

  • Do not let child out without the help of a staff member. 

  • Be patient!

  • The students will go to playground. 

  • School bag/lunch will go into basket

  • If you choose to walk your child in, please park in designated spot (be careful of traffic) and walk your child to playground and drop your child’s bag/lunch in basket.

  • NEVER drive in front of entry door and playground area.


  • Be careful, Mussetter is a busy road!



We will be modifying out pick up process this year to make it easier on you and the children during pick up time.


Please park in the designated parking spots.


We will be “staging” the students near the exit door with them already packed up and shoes changed.  The staff and students will finish up snack and start the packing up process. 


Starting at 2:50, there will be a teacher stationed at the door looking for parents arriving.  Please wait at the bottom of the steps for the teacher to send your child out to you.  If there is a person in front of you, please wait your turn.  Your child will come out with their tote bag/lunch box and personal belongings.


If you need to speak to a staff member about any details, please call ahead or email to let the staff know that you need a little “chat time.”  And be forewarned that it will be the staff’s priority to dismiss the other students in a timely manner.  If you need to speak to the staff at the need of the day, please try to arrive by 2:30 to give ample time to talk.


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