• If someone other than a parent/guardian will be picking up your child, the parent or guardian must call before pick-up.

  • All parents and children arrive through the back door of the schoolhouse.  That is the door that faces the playground.

  • Please place the child's lunch in the "lunch basket" at drop off.

  • Please inform us with a note or phone call if someone other than those you have originally authorized will be picking up your child.

  • The authorized person must be over 18 years of age and may be asked to present a photo ID.

  • Please remember that your child must be signed in and out each day.


DROP OFF:  8:50 – 9:00
PICK UP:  2:45-3:00


Please do your best to adhere to these times.  Our staff has important places to be after work and lots of preparation to do before the students arrive. This time without students is a very critical part of our planning and preparation time


Drop off will be done outside, as we have done in years past.  Students will start each day outside on the playground. We will have a drop-off car line each morning beginning at 8:50am. 


At drop-off, per MSDE licensing requirements, parents must take their child's temperature (with their own thermometer) in front of a staff member so that it can be recorded by a staff member each day. To avoid temperature mis-readings due to weather, the child should remain in the car for their temperature taking. Any child with a temperature of 99.9 or higher or any sick symptoms will not be permitted into preschool that day. Children may return when they are fever and symptom free without medication for 72 hours. In certain cases, a child may be able to return sooner than 72 hours if they can provide satisfactory medical evidence that they have no risk of being contagious.  

Parents are required to complete a health screening questionnaire everyday at arrival as well.  You will indicate that your child has not had any of these situations:

Since last at school (or in the past 14 days if new or returning from an absence);  

Has the child or anyone in the household experienced any of these symptoms:  sore throat, nasal congestion or runny nose, new or worsening cough (even if it's due to allergies), shortness of breath,   fatigue/malaise  (tiredness),   headaches, body aches, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, fever

Has the child been in close, prolonged contact with anyone who has had these symptoms?

Has the child been in close, prolonged contact with anyone known to have COVID-19?

DROP OFF              

  • Follow yellow arrows for “LOOP” drop off. 

  • Stop and let your child out at the RED square area.

  • Do not let your child out without the help of a staff member.  

  • Be patient!

  • We will need to have a temperature reported to staff at drop off.  When you arrive, you will be asked to take your child's temperature (you need to do it yourself, so bring a thermometer with you) and you will tell the teacher the temp when you drop off you will take your child’s temp before they leave the car.

  • Children will place their lunch and tote bag in the box.

  • Students will wash hands.

  • The students will go to the playground.  

  • NEVER drive in front of the entry door and playground area.


  • Be careful, Mussetter is a busy road!



Pick up will be the same as drop off…  you will wait in the we see you pull up we will get your child and prepare them to be picked up. Your child will be at the playground and a teacher will call them over the loop.  

  • To pick up in the “loop” please follow directions, attached!

  • The students will be on the playground.  

  • The teacher will call them over when they see you in the pick up line.

  • The child will get their items.  

  • Follow yellow arrows for “LOOP” pick up. 

  • Stop and wait for your child, they will “load” at RED square area.

  • Do not get out of your car until your child is there.  

  • Be patient!

  • NEVER drive in front of entry door and playground area.


  • Be careful, Mussetter is a busy road!