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Preschool tuition is a yearly rate divided by 10 monthly payments. You can choose to attend from two, three, or five days a week, based on availability.  

Two days a week:  $4870/year    
10 monthly payments of: $487.00  


Three days a week:  $6790/year          
10 monthly payments of: $679.00


Four days a week:  $8050/year
10 monthly payments of: $805.00


Five days a week:  $10,630/year      
10 monthly payments of: $1063.00


There is no reduction of monthly tuition for ANY school closings (planned or due to inclement weather, abbreviated school days, and/or absences due to illnesses or vacations).  You are paying for an enrollment slot and not for attendance, therefore we do not refund paid tuition for holidays, staff development, illness, vacation, discontinuation of child care services or the delay, closing, cancellation of days or reduction of operating hours due to inclement weather, public health concerns or staffing availability.

All families (NEW AND RETURNING) need to pay a registration fee at the time of contract renewal. The registration fee is equal to ½ the monthly tuition. THE REGISTRATION FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE. If you decide not to attend Smarty Pants for any reason after you have registered, the registration fee will NOT be refunded. The registration fee is applied towards your August tuition.



Sibling discount is $20/month per days of attendance for the second child.  
For example:  First child attends 3 days a week at $679/month.  Sibling is enrolled for 3 days a week.   The discount for the younger sibling would be (3 days times $20) $60/month for the second child.  Second child would be $619/month.

We use Brightwheel, a free app, for you to access accounts and tuition payments and invoices. Brightwheel is safe, secure, and created with your convenience in mind.


Tuition will be divided into 10 monthly payments. Tuition payment will be due each month on August 1st, September 1st, October 1st, November 1st, December 1st, January 1st, February 1st, March 1st, April 1st, and May 1st.   The registration fee will be credited to your August 1st payment.


You can pay your tuition invoice by setting up a (ACH) bank transfer for no fee.  Brightwheel also accepts credit card and debit card payments.  If you choose to pay with a credit or debit card you will be charged a service fee.  
FEES:      Credit Card Fee: 2.95%      

Invoices will be due on the 1st of each month August - May.   You must set up auto billing through your bank account.  If you use a bank account, there will be no fees applied.  If you choose to pay by credit or debit card there will be a fee applied. (Credit Card Processing Fee: 2.95%).  If your account is billed and there are not sufficient funds for the monthly payment to process, there will be a $30.00 decline fee per occurrence.   It is up to you to confirm that all account information is correct. If there is an account error on your part, you are still responsible for the $30.00 fee. You will have 24 hours from the date you are notified to pay your outstanding balance. 


A late fee of $50.00 will be added on the 10th of each month to an account that has not paid their monthly tuition invoice.  If fees are not paid within five business days after a reminder is sent, the family may be discontinued until payment is received.  Consistent or repeated late payment will be grounds for removal of the child from the program. Consistent or repeated late payment is defined as more than two times.

With the needs of families in mind, our goal is to make our tuition as affordable as we possibly can while providing highly qualified teachers, a progressive curriculum, and a well-equipped classroom and facility.  Tuition is subject to a yearly increase each school year.  Tuition may be adjusted each year following our budget analysis and local market survey. 

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