We LOVE our outdoor learning spaces!  

We have an amazing fenced playground that includes a mud kitchen, fairy garden, huge sand box, slides, outdoor music station and so much more.  

We also have a large area of blacktop that we use throughout the day as well.
We have always had a NATURE TRAIL, but it has now been upgraded to include many components of a GREAT preschool classroom, but in a beautiful wooded area just steps behind our adorable building. 
We, of course, will have access to the schoolhouse for emergency weather issues or anything that may come up.  But we are hopeful that we will be able to spend a lot of our day  outside.  
Research is suggesting that being outside decreases the exposure risks of the virus and allows for "natural" social distancing!  PLUS...  learning in nature has so many early childhood benefits!  


Smarty Pants Preschool is located in beautiful, historic, brick schoolhouse building in

Ijamsville Maryland.

Our facility is rich with a strong history of educating children since the 1800’s.   Our building is the original one room school house for Ijamsville, MD.


The schoolhouse has a large open floor plan.  It is located on the property of a quiet country church with a private wooded area backing the property. 


We have a large "natural" playground with ample space and playground equipment for the children's enjoyment.  

We are also very proud of our NATURE TRAIL and outdoor classroom.  There is 7 acres of nature behind the playground and we have created an amazing natural learning environment for our students.


Inside, the classroom has large windows for viewing the beautiful grounds and letting in an abundance of natural light.


The classroom has a kitchen area, two bathrooms, large group meeting areas,

small group meeting areas, learning centers, and storage area.



The physical space of the SMARTY PANTS classroom is organized into 10 indoor interest areas:


The 10 indoor interest areas plus the outdoor space offer multiple opportunities for children to explore, discover, and learn.


Interest areas provide a setting for children to learn academic content and apply skills.