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  • You will need to pack a lunch for your child every day. 

  • You will need to provide a drink (juice box, milk box, etc) with their lunch unless they will drink the water in their water bottle.

  • Please make sure your child's name is on the lunch box/bag.

  • We keep the lunches in the fridge until lunch time. 

When packing your child's lunch, please keep in mind that we are encouraging SELF HELP skills, especially for those that will be entering Kindergarten the following year.  They will need practice opening their own containers (including applesauce, yogurt, fruit).  They will get very little (if any) help opening these items once they enter public schools.


It is also important to uphold good nutritional standards.  Remember that there is a direct correlation to your child's learning and what they eat.  If their brain is not FED (or not fed the right things) it will not work as well :)



Your preschooler's needs depend on how fast he or she is growing plus other individual factors. Each child's needs may differ from the average, and appetites can vary from day to day. 


Use the link below as a general guide to how much your child should eat from each food group to meet their needs.

Find the suggested calorie level based on your preschooler's age, sex, and physical activity level.


You can even print a MyPlate Plan to help you stay on track.  And view the Meal and Snack Patterns for examples of food that can fit into your child’s plan.


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