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ALL of the forms listed below MUST be turned in to SMARTY PANTS BEFORE 8/1 each year.

You will receive an email containing all paperwork and forms for the school year in late June or early July. 


Please print the forms from email or complete the online forms via the link given in email.


All forms are due before August 1st.


Parents must provide immunization records and emergency information for each child enrolled in care. 


Immunization records must be kept current according to state law.  It is the parent’s responsibility to provide new immunization records when needed.


If an immunization is not received by the required date, your child will not be able to attend until it is received.

Parents should also provide emergency contact information, as indicated on enrollment forms. This information should be kept current and include all address and phone number information.


Parent will inform Smarty Pants of any changes in addresses, phone numbers, employment, emergency information and any changes in family situations immediately.


If your child has an IFSP (Individual Family Support Plan) or IEP (Individual Education Plan) you will need to provide Smarty Pants with a copy upon enrollment.  It should include a schedule of early intervention or special education services, indicating what the services are, who provides them, and when they take place.


Once enrolled, parent will provide Smarty Pants with updated of IFSP/IEP on a yearly basis. 


Smarty Pants will collaborate with the family and special education service providers to support the child.

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