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If parents will be at a location that differs from emergency form (staying home for illness or an out of office meeting, for example), this information should be given to Smarty Pants in writing at drop off.


Two weeks written notice will be given to parents for any changes in handbook.


Two weeks written notice will be given to parents for any increase in fees.


Parent will check Brightwheel and email for important messages, daily.

Parent will put all reminders, schedule changes, or conference requests in writing via email to or given to teacher.


Smarty Pants will do their best to answer any questions at drop off/pick up time, however in order to ensure full attention and communication, please schedule a conference that needs more time at a "non-school" time.


Smarty Pants will communicate with parents via brightwheel, e-mail, newsletter and the website (


Conferences will be scheduled at parent’s request.


Parent will provide items listed on the supply list by the first day of school.


We recently started using Brightwheel, a tool that significantly helps teachers & administrators manage their classrooms, observe & track the children, communicate with you, take attendance, send invoices, and offer online payments.


Soon you will be receiving an invite to join Brightwheel. To create a Brightwheel account all you need to do is create a parent account through either the web or mobile app.  Here is a quick video ( walking through how to sign-up for a parent account.


After creating your account please click here to set up your payment information through your online Brightwheel account--


Once you create an account with the same email address that the school has on file, you should see your child’s profile. Shortly thereafter you will begin receiving daily updates along with invoices for your child’s tuition and fees.


Download the app!


Great features like daily check-in, photos, activities, messages, and calendar are only found in the mobile apps.


Parents can:

•             Receive photos videos, notes by email

•             Download or share photos and videos of your children

•             Receive emergency alerts by text message

•             View your children's portfolio using our mobile application

•             Mark your child out sick or on vacation using our mobile application

•             Make tuition payments


Teachers will be able to:

•             Share photos, videos, notes to parents throughout the day

•             Record meals, activities, naps, and more to daily reports

•             Prepare lesson plans up to 4 weeks in advance

•             Take attendance

•             Record classroom visitations

•             Mark children sick or on vacation

•             View medical and birthday reminders

•             View child allergy and emergency information

•             View guardian and medical information

•             Invoice tuition

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