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Please understand that your child WILL get dirty.  The children will be exploring all kinds of materials (clay, paint, water, dirt, mud, play-dough, etc) and playing outside.  Smarty Pants will do its best to ensure that clothing is protected but children may get dirty.


Children must be fully dressed when they arrive at school. Because play activity is such an important part of the curriculum, clothing should be practical and comfortable. No open toed shoes, sandals, jellies or cowboy boots are permitted. Little toes are easily hurt and children have a difficult time on the playground. We also prefer that children do not wear jewelry.


Every child needs to have a complete (season appropriate) change of clothing including socks and several pairs of underwear.


If your child has changed clothing during the day, please take home the soiled items and replace them the next day. All clothing items must be labeled with the child's full name.

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