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Every child will get to be SMARTY PANTS OF THE DAY (SPOD) a few times a year.  We would like it to be once a month, but sometimes it is closer to once every 5-6 weeks depending on the school calendar.  


When he/she is SPOD he/she gets to

Be the line leader

Be teacher's special helper

Bring a special item from home

SHOW AND TELL about the special item in front of his/her classmates


The item can be a book, a special toy, a photo, really anything!  

Please do not bring in toys from home.  UNLESS IT IS THEIR DAY TO SHARE, and they are SMARTY PANTS OF THE DAY!  


In years past, we have had trouble with inappropriate items being brought in (game boys, guns, swords, movies, tablets, etc) but for the most part it is a distraction and a “sharing” issue.

It can also be troublesome to keep your child's items separate from Smarty Pants items... and we would not want any of your things to get damaged or lost.

So, please do your best to leave your child's toys/games/stuffed animals/videos/DVDs at home.  We assure you... they will not get bored with the items we provide here!

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