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Transitioning to preschool is a big deal. This major milestone can cause stress and anxiety for all involved. Thankfully, you can ease your child’s fears about starting preschool, and keep those butterflies in check with these tips.



  • Parents will attend an enrollment open house or private tour with the child to meet staff and see new setting prior to enrollment.

  • Parents receive parent handbook in advance of transition into new setting as appropriate.

Early Summer

  • Staff will provide information through occasional emails, WELCOME Edition Newsletter and parent handouts.

  • Parents will complete Medical Forms, Emergency Forms, All About Me forms, Child Information Forms before August 1st.

  • Parents will share if the child has an IEP or IFSP with copies for student file.

  • Obtain a backpack, lunchbox and school supplies

  • Create excitement and enthusiasm about school



  • Parent will attend a summer parent meeting.

  • Parent and child will attend summer open house to meet staff and get acquainted with space.

  • Parent will complete a development screening to inform teachers about child.





The first day of kindergarten! It’s one of the most exciting events in a child’s life. The transition from preschool to kindergarten can be a wonderful time, but it’s also a time of uncertainty, new demands, and big expectations for children and their families.  Hopefully this information will help make this time less confusing. 



  • Attend parent conferences at your child’s preschool program, if applicable

  • Be sure to schedule well-child doctor visit & update immunizations

  • Visit FCPS website and join Find Out First (FOF)

  • Play, read, listen & talk with your child



  • Gather required documents for kindergarten registration

  • Birth certificate, Proof of residency (electric bill, tax bill, lease/mortgage contract), Immunization records

  • Register your child for kindergarten

  • Show your child the school surroundings, play on the playground (SP will take a field trip to their school)

  • Attend School’s “ROUND UP” – skill assessment session

  • Smarty Pants will give you a FCPS Transitional & Planning Form for Kindergarten in May of their last school year at Smarty Pants.  This plan includes individualized plans for children with disabilities and special health care needs. 



  • Obtain a backpack, lunchbox and school supplies

  • Create excitement and enthusiasm about school

  • Attend open house at school prior to the start of the school year

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