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Parents will need to prepare an EMERGENCY BACK PACK for their child.  MSDE has required that we have a backpack filled for EACH child that is READY to grab in case of an evacuation emergency. 


It should contain:

  • (1)          complete change of clothing, including an extra pair of shoes

  • (2)          extra diapers/pull ups

  • (2)          extra pairs of underwear

  • (1)          new sealed SMALL bottle of water

  • (1)          non-perishable snack. 


Smarty Pants will provide the small backpack.  This READY TO GO Backpack will stay in your child's cubby ALL YEAR and will not be utilized unless we have to evacuate SMARTY PANTS for an emergency.

This is NOT the extra clothing that we will use when they have an accident or spill.  This is not a backpack that will go back and forth to your home.  It will stay here for the entire SCHOOL YEAR and be stored in your child's cubby in case of an emergency.

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